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Sint Kruis municipality Sluis. This municipality has a population of 23.166 people and has 22.424 objects with a WOZ value. The total WOZ value of these objects is € 5.561 million and the average WOZ value is € 266.000. This is an increase of 14.5% compared to last year.

The date municipality Sluis and therefore Sint Kruis sends out the tax bill is around 25-2-2023. In this period all homeowners will receive their tax bill for the council taxes.

If you believe that your WOZ value is set too high, you can appeal easily within five minutes by using our service, completely free of charge, by clicking here . Want to read more about WOZ first before appealing? Click here for more information or check out our WOZ-wiki. The information from this page originates from the Waarderingskamer.

For the analysis of the Sluis municipality, we have used the streets from Sint Kruis .

Streets in Sint Kruis (gemeente Sluis)

Open overview

StreetPostal Codes (Postcodes)
Appelstraat 4528 KB
Bakkersdam 4528 KD
Brandkreekdijk 4528 KN
Buitendijk 4528 EZ
Dorpsstraat 4528 EK, 4528 EL
Dwarsweg 4528 KA
Eiland 4528 KE, 4528 KG, 4528 KH
Galgenstraat 4528 EV
Gravenweg 4528 EX
Grote Boomdijk 4528 KC
Heirweg 4528 EH
Kantijne 4528 JZ
Kerkweg 4528 JW
Ketelaarstraat 4528 KS
Keursteenweg 4528 JX
Kleine Boomdijk 4528 EJ
Kruispolderweg 4528 KR
Ligtvoetsweg 4528 EW
Molenweg 4528 ER
Oostweg 4528 JV
Pereweg 4528 EG
Roeselaerestraat 4528 EN, 4528 EP
Schoolpad 4528 EM
Sint Lievensdijk 4528 KM
Sint Margrietepolderdijk 4528 KT
Sint Pietersdijk 4528 EE
Spitsbroekweg 4528 JT
Wilhelminaweg 4528 ES, 4528 ET

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