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Moerdijk municipality Moerdijk. This municipality has a population of 37.185 people and has 20.013 objects with a WOZ value. The total WOZ value of these objects is € 7.420 million and the average WOZ value is € 281.000. This is an increase of 20.2% compared to last year.

The date municipality Moerdijk and therefore Moerdijk sends out the tax bill is around 25-2-2023. In this period all homeowners will receive their tax bill for the council taxes.

If you believe that your WOZ value is set too high, you can appeal easily within five minutes by using our service, completely free of charge, by clicking here . Want to read more about WOZ first before appealing? Click here for more information or check out our WOZ-wiki. The information from this page originates from the Waarderingskamer.

For the analysis of the Moerdijk municipality, we have used the streets from Moerdijk .

Streets in Moerdijk (gemeente Moerdijk)

Open overview

StreetPostal Codes (Postcodes)
Apolloweg 4782 SB
Appelweg 4782 PX
Arenbergsesingeldijk 4782 PB
Beatrixstraat 4782 AS
Blokdijk 4782 PN
Chemieweg 4782 SJ
De Onrust 4782 BA, 4782 BB
Den Bels 4782 PG
Distriboulevard 4782 PV
Graanweg 4782 PP
Grintweg 4782 AC, 4782 AE, 4782 AG
Havendijk 4782 AA
Havenkant 4781 AA
Irenestraat 4782 AJ
Jan Punthof 4782 AP
Jan Willem Frisostraat 4781 AJ
Johan Willem Frisostraat 4782 AR
Julianastraat 4782 AM, 4782 AN
Jupiterweg 4782 SE
Klaverpolderseweg 4781 PC
Klaverstraat 4781 AV
Kloosterstraat 4781 AC
Koekoekendijk 4782 PK
Komeetweg 4782 SG, 4782 SH
Koning Haakonstraat 4781 AT
Krukweg 4782 PA
Lapdijk 4782 PC, 4782 PD
Margrietstraat 4782 AH
Marijkestraat 4782 AK, 4782 AL
Middenweg 4782 PM
Oostelijke Randweg 4782 PZ
Orionweg 4782 SC
Pastoor Lombartsstraat 4781 AW
Plaza 4782 SK, 4782 SL
Rijksweg 4782 PE
Roodevaart 4782 PL, 4782 RB, 4782 RC
Schokkerstraat 4781 AG, 4781 AH
Sebastiaansweg 4781 PE
Sluisweg 4782 PT
Steenweg 4781 AL, 4781 AM, 4781 AN, 4781 AP, 4781 AR, 4781 AS, 4781 PA
Transitoweg 4782 SM
Visserstraat 4781 AB
Vlasweg 4782 PW
Wethouder Mattheestraat 4781 AX, 4781 AZ
Wilhelminaplein 4782 AB
Zeehavenweg 4782 SN
Zuidelijke Randweg 4782 PS
Zwaluwsedijk 4781 PB

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