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Esch municipality Oisterwijk. This municipality has a population of 32.373 people and has 16.253 objects with a WOZ value. The total WOZ value of these objects is € 5.885 million and the average WOZ value is € 373.000. This is an increase of 14.2% compared to last year.

The date municipality Oisterwijk and therefore Esch sends out the tax bill is around 24-2-2023. In this period all homeowners will receive their tax bill for the council taxes.

If you believe that your WOZ value is set too high, you can appeal easily within five minutes by using our service, completely free of charge, by clicking here . Want to read more about WOZ first before appealing? Click here for more information or check out our WOZ-wiki. The information from this page originates from the Waarderingskamer.

For the analysis of the Oisterwijk municipality, we have used the streets from Esch .

Streets in Esch (gemeente Oisterwijk)

Open overview

StreetPostal Codes (Postcodes)
Antoniusweg 5296 NG, 5296 NH
Baarschot 5296 KL
Beemd 5296 LH
Broekstraat 5296 KJ
Broxven 5296 NV
De Hofstad 5296 NJ, 5296 NK
De Langvelden 5296 NL, 5296 NM
De Ruiting 5296 KE
De Schoolakker 5296 NB
De Venakker 5296 NP
De Wertjes 5296 NC
Den Bogerd 5296 MA
Dorpsstraat 5296 LS, 5296 LT, 5296 LV
Esschebaan 5296 PM
Gestelseweg 5296 KP
Groenendaal 5296 KK
Groenweg 5296 LZ
Haarenseweg 5296 KA, 5296 KB
Hal 5296 PA, 5296 PZ
Heikant 5296 KS
Het Kruys 5296 NT
Het Nieuwland 5296 LB
Het Root 5296 NW
Hopakker 5296 NX
Hulsberg 5296 LJ, 5296 LK
Kerkdries 5296 LG
Kollenberg 5296 LC, 5296 LD, 5296 LE
Koningsweg 5296 KV
Koolwijksestraat 5296 KD
Kromakker 5296 NR
Leunisdijk 5296 KW, 5296 KX, 5296 KZ
Lochtenberg 5296 LL
Looiershof 5296 NS
Marktplein 5296 NA
Nachtegaallaantje 5296 KR
Oirbroekdreef 5296 PL
Overeind 5296 KC
Pickensteeg 5296 KG
Postelstraat 5296 LM, 5296 LN, 5296 LP
Romeinseberg 5296 LA
Runsdijk 5296 KN
Sancta Monica 5296 PB
Smaldijkje 5296 KT
Spankerstraat 5296 KM
Vinkenheuvel 5296 LR
Weiakker 5296 LX
Willibrordusweg 5296 ND, 5296 NE
Witvensedijk 5296 KH
Zantakker 5296 NZ

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