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De Goorn municipality Koggenland. This municipality has a population of 22.94 people and has 11.394 objects with a WOZ value. The total WOZ value of these objects is € 3.612 million and the average WOZ value is € 332.000. This is an increase of 14.4% compared to last year.

The date municipality Koggenland and therefore De Goorn sends out the tax bill is around 28-2-2023. In this period all homeowners will receive their tax bill for the council taxes.

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For the analysis of the Koggenland municipality, we have used the streets from De Goorn .

Streets in De Goorn (gemeente Koggenland)

Open overview

StreetPostal Codes (Postcodes)
Agneshof 1648 JX
Amandelgaard 1648 LP
Appelgaard 1648 LJ
Bloementuin 1648 LW
De Burg 1648 JT
De Goorn 1648 EA, 1648 EB, 1648 EC, 1648 ED, 1648 EE, 1648 EG, 1648 EH, 1648 EJ, 1648 EK, 1648 EL, 1648 EM, 1648 EN, 1648 EP, 1648 ER, 1648 ES, 1648 ET, 1648 EV, 1648 EW, 1648 EX, 1648 GA, 1648 GB, 1648 GC, 1648 GD, 1648 GE, 1648 GG, 1648 HA, 1648 HB, 1648 HC, 1648 HD, 1648 HE, 1648 HG, 1648 HJ, 1648 HR, 1648 HW, 1648 HS, 1648 HT, 1648 HV, 1648 HX, 1648 HZ, 1648 JA, 1648 JB, 1648 JC, 1648 JD, 1648 JH, 1648 JJ, 1648 JE, 1648 JG, 1648 JK, 1648 JL, 1648 JM, Rietgras, Timothee, Trilgras, Veldbeemd, De Klamp, Struisgras, Reukgras, Raaigras, Haver, Glashaver, Veldhaver, Kunstgras, De Zeis, Citroengras, Argusvlinder, Atalanta, Dagpauwoog, Koevinkje, Koolwitje, Wieder, Schrepel, Hand-eg, Vredemakersweg, Schoffel, Spaarboog, Boogfries, Weergang, Rietsikkel, Breeuwhamer, Vlakdissel, Kantbeugel, Gaffel, Boeischop, Dorsvlegel, Plantersgraaf, Buitenhof, Kanteel, Middenhof, Rondeel, Dwingel, 1648 JN, 1648 JP, 1648 JR, 1648 JS, Ariën Schoutenstraat, 1648 KR
De Leet 1648 VM, 1648 VN
Elisabethstraat 1648 KT
Fruittuin 1648 LD
Jacob Bakkerstraat 1648 KN, 1648 KP
Kersengaard 1648 LE
Nicolaas Koppesstraat 1648 JV
Notengaard 1648 LL
Oprijlaan 1648 LK
Oranjerie 1648 LG
Overdorpstraat 1648 KD, 1648 KE, 1648 KG, 1648 KH, 1648 KJ, 1648 KK
Pastoor Lemeerstraat 1648 KA, 1648 KB, 1648 KC
Perengaard 1648 LH
Pieter Grootstraat 1648 KS
Rozentuin 1648 LV
Singel 1648 LC
Tulpenhof 1648 KL, 1648 KM
Westeinde 1648 JW
Wildbaan 1648 LX
Zuid-Spierdijkerweg 1648 LA, 1648 LB

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