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Biezenmortel municipality Oisterwijk. This municipality has a population of 32.373 people and has 16.253 objects with a WOZ value. The total WOZ value of these objects is € 5.885 million and the average WOZ value is € 373.000. This is an increase of 14.2% compared to last year.

The date municipality Oisterwijk and therefore Biezenmortel sends out the tax bill is around 24-2-2023. In this period all homeowners will receive their tax bill for the council taxes.

If you believe that your WOZ value is set too high, you can appeal easily within five minutes by using our service, completely free of charge, by clicking here . Want to read more about WOZ first before appealing? Click here for more information or check out our WOZ-wiki. The information from this page originates from the Waarderingskamer.

For the analysis of the Oisterwijk municipality, we have used the streets from Biezenmortel .

Streets in Biezenmortel (gemeente Oisterwijk)

Open overview

StreetPostal Codes (Postcodes)
Berenpoot 5074 ML
Biezenmortelsestraat 5074 PD, 5074 RB, 5074 RJ
Brabantsehoek 5074 NJ
Capucijnenstraat 5074 NH, 5074 PE, 5074 PG, 5074 PH, 5074 PJ
De Buunder 5074 PP, 5074 PR
De Reyt 5074 PS, 5074 PT
De Runsvoort 5074 RG
Eendengracht 5074 MB
Engelenhoef 5074 PM
Gijzelsestraat 5074 NK, 5074 RS
Gommelsestraat 5074 NG, 5074 PC, 5074 RA
Groenstraat 5074 RK
Haarensebaan 5074 NB
Hazenpad 5074 MA
Heusdensebaan 5074 NC
Hindeloop 5074 ME
Hooghoutseweg 5074 NA
Kievitsvlucht 5074 MC
Kloosterstraat 5074 PN
Konijnenberg 5074 MR
Mierennest 5074 MN
Nachtegaallaan 5074 MD
Oude Bosschebaan 5074 RC, 5074 RD
Paardendraf 5074 MK
Rijetdonckstraat 5074 PL
Rijksweg 5074 NL
Slijkhoef 5074 PW
Vlindersteegje 5074 MH
Vosselaerstraat 5074 PK
Vriesdonk 5074 PV, 5074 PX
Winkelsestraat 5074 ND, 5074 NE, 5074 PA, 5074 PB
Zandkantseweg 5074 RE

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