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Augustinusga municipality Achtkarspelen. This municipality has a population of 27.9 people and has 13.637 objects with a WOZ value. The total WOZ value of these objects is € 3.122 million and the average WOZ value is € 228.000. This is an increase of 13.8% compared to last year.

The date municipality Achtkarspelen and therefore Augustinusga sends out the tax bill is around 11-2-2023. In this period all homeowners will receive their tax bill for the council taxes.

If you believe that your WOZ value is set too high, you can appeal easily within five minutes by using our service, completely free of charge, by clicking here . Want to read more about WOZ first before appealing? Click here for more information or check out our WOZ-wiki. The information from this page originates from the Waarderingskamer.

For the analysis of the Achtkarspelen municipality, we have used the streets from Augustinusga .

Streets in Augustinusga (gemeente Achtkarspelen)

Open overview

StreetPostal Codes (Postcodes)
Abrahamsplein 9284 TD
Blauforlaet 9284 XH
Boskkamp 9284 SC, 9284 SE
De Opslach 9284 SJ
De Smidte 9284 SL
Dwerspaed 9284 TZ
Efterwei 9284 XP
Gaikemastrjitte 9284 TN
Gealeloane 9284 TB
Geawei 9284 TA, 9284 TC
Heawei 9284 XK
It Oast 9284 TG
It Oerset 9284 SM
It Stalt 9284 SN
It West 9284 KD, 9284 KE, 9284 KH
Izermieden 9284 XJ
Jensmastrjitte 9284 TP, 9284 TR
Kolonelsdiep 9284 XE
Legeloane 9284 XN
Pastorijpaed 9284 SK
Pypkewei 9284 SB
Reahel 9284 XG
Reaskuorre 9284 XM
Siccamawei 9284 TL
Skoalikkers 9284 TS, 9284 TT, 9284 TV, 9284 TW, 9284 TX
Smeetsmakamp 9284 TK
Sylgong 9284 TE
Tsjerkepaed 9284 SG
Turfloane 9284 KJ
Uterwei 9284 XL
Weinmakkerij 9284 SH
Willem Barteles van der Kooiwei 9284 TH, 9284 TJ

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