Our mission.

We stand for the best free legal protection for Dutch homeowners and entrepreneurs. Taxes based on the WOZ value are crucial and should therefore be determined as carefully as possible. By submitting objections as efficiently as possible, we try to burden the municipality as little as possible with the objection procedure, so that the costs for society are as low as possible. Our goal is stronger, more efficient and more complete legal protection.


Our method

A process that is as efficient and complete as possible for the smallest possible burden on the objection procedure.

The municipality or a tax cooperation takes care of the valuation and the objection procedure for the WOZ value of homes and other properties. It is important that the municipality is not adversely affected by a large stream of objections. By creating an efficient way to file an objection, we try to burden the municipalities and tax partnerships as little as possible.

We use a combination of smart computer programs and the expertise of our employees to achieve a good objection procedure. As a result, the objection will immediately go to the municipality in its entirety, which increases the chance of success.

We lower your WOZ-value.

Appeal easily and free within five minutes.

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