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Objecting to your WOZ value is free! But how is it possible that you don't have to pay anything and that you end up saving money by filing an objection? The government wants the threshold for legal advice to be as low as possible so that you can get advice from lawyers and lawyers when you disagree with a government decision. To be able to pay the lawyers and keep it free for you, the government has introduced a legal costs allowance. This is included in the Administrative costs decision (Besluit proceskosten bestuursrecht). If the lawyer or attorney win the proceedings against the government, they will receive a legal fee. This makes appealing your value free because the government reimburses the lawyers and attorneys. If the lawsuit is not won, the lawyer or attorney gets nothing. This is also a guarantee of the quality of the procedure. Without quality there is no chance of success.

What are legal costs?

Legal costs are costs that we incur to be able to conduct an objection procedure. Are you curious about the process? Click here for the article. For example, WOZ Assistant receives legal costs for the following matters:

  • Travel and accommodation costs,
  • Expenses of experts such as appraisers,
  • Costs of extracts from public registers,
  • Costs for making appealing,
  • Costs for preparing and attending a hearing,
  • Costs of an attorney.

This list may contain more examples.

Appeal rejected?

The municipality or tax cooperation may declare the appeal unfounded. This would mean that we do not receive any legal costs for the work performed. Even then, making an objection remains free for you. We never charge you as a taxpayer for submitting an objection. This way we keep the legal protection for you free of charge. WOZ Assistent therefore assumes the risk if an appeal is declared unfounded. So you never have to be afraid of an invoice from us for making an objection! Because the costs incurred are only reimbursed in the event of a successful procedure, you can expect our lawyers to give their best to help you,

Want to know more about how the process behind making an objection works? Then look further on our WOZ-Wiki. The WOZ-Wiki has been specially designed for you to explain how making an appeal works.

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