When can I object?

You can always object within six weeks of the date of the tax assessment. Other than that, there are no requirements. When you think your value has been set too high, you object.

Why should I not object myself?

Although you can object yourself, the chance of success is usually greater if you have it carried out by WOZ Assistant. We have a lot of experience with objections and can use that experience to represent you in the best possible way. We specialize in the WOZ law and the correct valuation of homes.

Will an appraiser from the municipality or WOZ Assistant come and look at the house?

Because you send us proof when making the objection, this is not necessary. Everything is completely digital.

What if the municipality does not lower the value?

If the municipality does not reduce the value, we will let you know. You then indicate whether you want to take further steps. Of course we will advise you on this and this procedure is completely free of charge.

Can my situation worsen if I object?

No, your situation cannot get worse from objecting. The government does not want this to make sure citizens are not afraid of lodging an objection. Your situation will never worsen. For more information, read our article.

When will I receive the result of the procedure?

When we receive the result of your objection, we will communicate this to you immediately. It is difficult to say when the municipality will make a decision, it can take a very long time. The municipality has until December 31 to make a decision.


Is my house worth less if the WOZ value is lowered?

If the WOZ value of your home is reduced, this will not reduce the economic value of your home.

What do you need from me?

First of all, we need your contact details. We communicate digitally. Our lawyers will contact you by telephone on request. In addition, we ask you for your name and address and you sign the authorization. We also ask why our lawyers are allowed to object on your behalf and for proof.

How much does an objection cost and what does it yield?

Objecting to the WOZ value is completely free. If the municipality approves the objection, your WOZ value will be reduced and you will save tax up to hundreds of euros per year.

Why is objection free?

The government reimburses our costs in case of a successful objection. If your objection is not successful for you, we will bear the costs in full. So it is always free for you.

Does this objection cost the municipality a lot of money?

Due to the too high WOZ values, Dutch households are estimated to pay hundreds of millions too much in tax. You are entitled to a correct WOZ value. The cost to the community of making an appeal is about €1 per household while you could save hundreds of euros per year.

Why do you think everyone should object?

It is your right to object. Because your house may be overvalued, you pay hundreds of euros too much in tax. No-one want to pay too much taxes.

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