The The WOZ law (Valuation of Immovable Property) is a law that regulates the valuation of real estate in the Netherlands. This value is determined by your municipality. The tax authorities and your municipality use the value as the basis for many taxes. You will find more information about this here. Correctly determining the WOZ value of a property is therefore of great importance for owners and all parties involved.

Determination of value

The WOZ valuation is based on various factors such as the location, size, state of repair, year of construction and special characteristics of the home. The municipality determines the value of a property on the basis of data it collects, such as photos, plans and valuation reports.


Owners who do not agree with the determined WOZ value of their property can object to the valuation. You must do this within six weeks of receiving the WOZ assessment. In the case of a notice of objection, it must be stated why one does not agree with the determined value and the arguments must be substantiated with documentary evidence. For many people this is a lot of work and it is better to call in a party such as WOZ Assistent. We will object free of charge on your behalf. You only need to provide some information and our lawyers will get to work. You can object here .

Making an objection can lead to a reduction of the WOZ value and thus the OZB. A reduction in the WOZ value will also lead to a lower rate for other levies such as inheritance tax (erfbelasting), income tax (inkomstenbelasting) or gift tax (schenkbelasting).


It is important to note that the success of an appeal depends on the specific circumstances of your property and the arguments being made. It is therefore wise to seek professional advice when drawing up a notice of objection. It is therefore a good idea to outsource it and to call in a legal expert.

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