On our website and in our advertisements we always say that your situation can never get worse by objecting to the WOZ value. Why is that actually? In this article, one of our lawyers explains this to you in great detail.

The appeal

When you object to your WOZ value, you do not agree with a decision of the municipality. The municipality has estimated the value of your home on the basis of models. Curious on how the value is calculated? Click here for the article. The government wants to make it as easy as possible for you to disagree with a government decision. This means that the threshold must be as low as possible to challenge a government decision. When the threshold to object is low, it should be easier for you to assert your rights.

Low threshold

The low threshold consists of several factors if you object. A large part of this is the fact that you cannot be made worse by an objection. This is laid down in law and is also called the “reformatio in peius” (from the Latin reformatio: change or improvement, and peius: worse). This principle follows Section 7:11 of the General Administrative Law Act. When you object to the WOZ value of your home, it cannot prevent you from paying more in real estate tax as a result of the objection if you object to a value that is too high.

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You can therefore never pay a higher amount in taxes as a result of the notice of objection itself. This means that lodging an objection has a low threshold and you should not be stopped from lodging an objection if you disagree with the valuation of your home. Based on the objection, the municipality will keep the value of the house the same or reduce it. For you as the owner of house, there are therefore no disadvantages to making an objection

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