Appealing your WOZ-value with help from a lawyer is of great importance to owners, as this valuation is used as the basis for the calculation of property tax (OZB) and a large number of other taxes. Click here to read more. An incorrect or unreasonably high valuation can lead to an unnecessarily high property tax burden, causing owners financial discomfort.

Importance of a professional lawyer

In order to make a successful appeal, it is important to use the right arguments and to have evidence to support these arguments. This can be a complex process and often requires professional legal assistance.

A professional lawyer who can file an objection on your behalf, such as the lawyers of WOZ Assistent, are trained and experienced in assessing WOZ values and drawing up objections. They have knowledge of the relevant laws and regulations and case law in this area. This allows them to help the owner of a property identify potential issues with the determined WOZ value and advise them on the best strategy to file an appeal.

By submitting an objection via WOZ Assistant and its lawyers, you are completely relieved. Our lawyers will collect required supporting documents such as valuation reports and other relevant documents. You must, however, provide information about your home. Our lawyers will use this information to formulate arguments and substantiate them with evidence. This ensures the highest possible chance of success.

Complete unburdening with our service

Another important aspect of professional legal assistance is unburdening owners throughout the entire process. Want to know more about the process? Click here. This means that the lawyer will unburden you when submitting an objection, conduct a hearing with the municipality, follow the case during the handling by the municipality and possibly take further steps if the objection is rejected.

In summary, WOZ values are an important factor in determining many taxes. Objecting to the WOZ value can lead to tax savings and affect the resale value. Wondering what you might be able to save? Calculate it with our savings calculator. It is therefore very important to call in professional legal help when submitting an objection to a WOZ value. Object now here .

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