Nuisance can have a major impact on your WOZ value. The WOZ law (Valuation of Immovable Property) is the law for valuing real estate in the Netherlands, including homes. The tax authorities and your municipality use the WOZ value as the basis for many taxes. Find out which taxes are influenced here. Wondering what you can save by lowering your WOZ value? Calculate it here. A correct WOZ value is therefore very important for owners.

Influence of nuisance

Nuisance can have a major impact on the WOZ value if it can be established that it is an objective nuisance. This is nuisance that can be observed and measured, such as traffic noise, air pollution or noise pollution. Neighbour nuisance can also fall under this, provided this is one of the aforementioned ways. Neighbour disputes are not covered.

Objective nuisance can have a negative impact on the value of a property, because it can affect the quality of life and living comfort. This can lead to a lower WOZ valuation of the property and thus reduced taxes.

An example would be a property located next to a busy highway or an industrial area where there is significant traffic noise or air pollution. This can lead to a lower valuation of the property because the nuisance can be observed and measured.

It is important to know that objective nuisance is not always the cause of a lower valuation of a property. There may also be other factors that influence the valuation, such as the location, size, state of repair, year of construction and special features of the property.

Appeal for free

Owners of properties exposed to objective nuisance may object to their property's valuation if they believe the nuisance has not been taken into account. You must do this within six weeks of receiving the WOZ assessment. In the case of a notice of objection, it must be stated why one does not agree with the determined value and the arguments must be substantiated with documentary evidence. For many people this is a lot of work and it is better to call in a party such as WOZ Assistent. We will object free of charge on your behalf. You only need to provide some information and our lawyers will get to work. You can object by clicking here .

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