The elderly in particular suffer from an overestimation when determining the WOZ value, writes the news website Binnenlands Bestuur. According to the consumer association Vastelastenbond recently renovated homes in a neighborhood are used as model homes in determining the WOZ value of outdated homes. Outdated or poorly maintained houses, which are mainly inhabited by seniors, would then be overestimated. The Valuation Chamber says it is familiar with it. WOZ Assistent also notices this phenomenon in her practice and often uses this as an argument for her clients.

Realistic estimate

Older people often don't do much about their homes anymore, says director Dirk-Jan Wolfert of the Vastelastenbond in an article. In addition, they often do not have the financial resources to thoroughly renovate or refurbish the house. A realistic estimate then becomes more difficult. The interest in sustainability is also less among this group – the Vastelastenbond refers to the study 'Grijze Haren, Groene Huizen' (Gray Hairs, Green Houses) of the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (Planbureau voor de Leefomgeving).

Senior citizens can object. These applicants have the best chance of successfully challenging their WOZ decision, says Wolfert. He adds that the chance of success strongly depends on the municipality. Some municipalities are right with their estimates, while other municipalities are wrong. Via WOZ Assistent you can lodge a free objection within a few minutes by clicking here . After you have completed the form, our lawyers will get to work for you and we will take care of the entire process. If you first wish to have contact with one of our lawyers, you can submit a contact request by clicking here . One of our lawyers will then speak to you as soon as possible.

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